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Monday, October 10, 2011

Corn maze fun!!

so cool!


fun in the spider web
 Then the cousins arrived and even more fun!!!
cool air pillow - or corn popper :)

Gerri had a hard time standing on it, so her brother and cousin helped!
dan was dying for fried dough - ms v said it was ok :)

Gerri thought it was yummy!!

The corn maze! It was much bigger than we thought! We got lost many times, sweated a lot, and had lots of fun :)

Then it was time for the hay ride

tired, hot and sweaty trying to listen to the guy talk about the farm

kind of listening :)

you used the apple/potato cannons to shoot the targets :)
We had SO much fun! It was an unusually warm day :)
After having fun we went and had seafood for lunch - yummy!! and then had ice cream to top it all off!!

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