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Friday, October 28, 2011


Last night the weatherperson said snow - say what?!? it is only October!!!
The kids made us promise that if it was snowing when we went to bed we were to wake them so they could see it
at 8:30 Dan said "snow" WHAT?!?

as you can see they are VERY happy to be woken up to see the snow!!!
 random snow pictures - I was so excited!! nothing better than the first snow of the year!

snow on the pumpkin :)

The kids were very excited when I woke them up this am to see the snow!!
none of them remember seeing it last night, so I had to show the picture I took of them :)

Danny was dying to shovel! Gerri was SOSOSOSO excited about walking in the snow!
 Gerri has NEVER touched the snow!! how could that be? because in Ukraine she was not mobile, so she was never out in the snow unless she was traveling somewhere, but NEVER allowed to touch it or play in it!!
Gerri held onto Danny going down the ramp and walking around - it was a bit slippery

they walked to the bus stop, playing, singing and sliding :)

our first delivery of firewood!!
We are supposed to get more snow tomorrow too!! We are definately not in FL anymore :)

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