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Saturday, October 22, 2011

just hanging around

trying to catch up on emails :)

ok, ms V, give me my iphone!

She got off one more picture of her baby "pink"

The it was time to keep me company :)
 I am sore and tired. My right knee and calf are sore as I try to learn to walk without twisting. I can sleep for a bit,but then get so uncomfortable i have to shift around. I get up each morning around 4 and move into the couch to sit up and fall asleep again. I get up and "walk" a lap every hour to stretch.
yup, my poor skin - allergic to the tape from my bandage.
It is SO itchy! The yellow is left over bruise.

The girls playind dress up and dancing to Strawberry this am :)
I am waiting on mom to come help me with my skin, the kids are being really good. Dan took some much needed "me" time to go to the range with my brother in law.
I am not at the "happy I did the surgery" feeling yet :)
Maybe next week!


Blessed said...

Hiya Nancy! Glad you are home. Get some rest (I know, some what??), but I have to say it. :)
Will be praying for you.
God bless.

Jennifer said...

Wishing you felt better.