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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Dancing and playing!

Sunday was dressup day :) The girls love to pick dresses out of their dress up box!
Dancing together :) so sweet!

coloring break!
 Gerri has been a bit under the weather, it is SO obvious
hanging out with me while Danny and Victoria played together

she did not wear this to school :) she changed once home
 Grampy and Grammy came over for dinner and dessert on Sunday. Nana brought over decorate your own cookies!!
They each picked butterflies to decorate

he couldn't wait to eat it!

very happy to eat!

so proud!
My mom came over sat and sun to change the dressing on my leg. By sunday night the muscle cramps were horrible, so I kept stretching, walking around and icing my thigh.
Monday am my PT came over to stretch and check my leg. The swelling has gone down 4 cm since last Thurs, so she thinks that is why I am having muscle cramps too. The regular visiting nurse came next to look at the rash, check my blood and take vitals. The Pt told her that the rash looked bad and I think made the nurse nervous about it, so she called my Dr to let them know about it.
The Dr's office called back to ask me to come in so they could see it. So I got to go for a car ride!! First time I saw the Dr since my surgery! He was actually very happy with how mobile I was. He cleaned up the incision, took off some old yucky steri-strips, put some new ones on to close a small opening in the incision, and wiped down the rash. He is pretty sure that it is just an allergic reaction to the tegaderm bandages they used in the hospital.  The anitbiotic that the nurse put on my leg on Thursday just aggravated it. He told me to go ahead and take a shower(!!!!) and let the warm soapy water wash over my leg, then dry it completely and keep it uncovered. And he let me take my TED stocking off my left leg! So all in all it was good to see him.  He did not want to give me anything for the muscle cramps :( So hopefully they get better each day.
Victoria took this picture of Dan and the PA, Heather

I just can't get very comfortable at night, so I toss and turn all night trying to get comfortable and finally get out of bed around 4 or 5 and move onto the couch where I can sit up.
The kids have been so great about helping do things.
Dan has stepped up and done everything, not the way I would do and it has been hard to just sit back and be greatful :) but I am trying!
I took a shower this am and it felt SO good!! All 3 kids were standing outside the bathroom when I got out, saying how exciting it was I could take a shower. I guess 10 days without a shower was enough for them :)


Sally-Girl! said...

Glad things are better. Yes ten days without a shower and I would be standing by the door too applauding for you!!!

Blessed said...

Celebrating the awesome things with you....SHOWERS! Glad you are mobile too. :) The kids are adorable! Pray that you continue down the recovery road. Keep the end in sight.
Mary G.