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Monday, June 7, 2010

Visiting our brother at work :)

Danny started off the day with his water painting!

And the girls colored in their Barbie books

Then we did fingernails and toenails :)

Man - do I wish I could blow dry MY toes!!!

Danny did a great job on my toes! Even with some supervision.

We then drove to Portsmouth to visit brother DJ at work!

We walked to a playground

The kids were able to get some energy out!

So happy to be outside!

Solving the world's problems!

Hey bro! can you give me a hand!

We got to see a submarine!

Look at all the boats it sunk!

Danny kept saying - Momma get in front so I can shoot you!

Memorial to the workers!

The Grayling memorial!

Saying goodbye so DJ could go back to work and lunch!
We had SO much fun!!
Thanks DJ!

We drove back the whole coastline - Route 1A, so beautiful.
Stopped for fresh fish and chicken lunch and then hit the beach so the kids could play

Little stinker with the cold water!

Even funnier for daddy's toes!

It ended up raining so we had to run to the car, sandy and all!
Then the sun came back out and the kids played in the grass by the cottage till dinner time.

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