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Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day Weekend!

This is what you do when you get your fingers closed in the front door!

Saturday was quiet time, pool time and yard time!
The kids had some goodies left over from Auntie,
Danny loved his "noise" putty (yes, it makes a body noise)

We have been going to the pool every day to exercise
sometimes it overlaps with nap time :)

We tried out the toddler pool, nice shade!

Working on her PT always!!

Hanging with the girls in the back yard!

Great exercise!

Gerri tried and tried to get herself on the disc, but could not do it
She came really close :)

I love this photo!! Danny is trying to bounce as high as he can and Maggie was underneath rolling around on her back and they both were in heaven!

The girls were upstairs playing and I ran up to see what they were doing, look at the mess they made!!

Sunday was our relaxing day.
We made a run to Costco, which the kids love. Danny makes it his mission to try all the food stations :)

We decided not to do the pool today and hung around in the house and outside!

All for one!

Danny and his entourage!

Daddy gave a helping hand so Gerri could get to the top!

If you listen they are supposed to be jumping and singing their ABC's and you can hear Gerri laughing hysterically while bouncing!

We all sat around and watched "Avat*r" which was amazing!

Dan made his signature spaghetti sauce and we all stuffed ourselves silly!

Love you honey!! Happy Father's Day!

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