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Friday, June 4, 2010

Meeting our older brother!

We drove up to Maine to visit DJ, Dan's son. It was a beautiful day!

Meeting DJ's mom's dog Emmie



Really Big Bubbles!

Playing with the doggie :)

Brother DJ showing off his flowers!

Have a few beanie babies!!

Burying another baby!

Our granddaughter - the beautiful Casey Dee!! Her graduation is tonight!!
Here she is opening her gift card, we heard the music in it the WHOLE ride up to Maine!

A group shot!

We had a great  bbq of steak tips that were awesome!
We left in time to hit weekend traffic so we took the scenic route back to Rockport!

By the time we got back it was about 5 and still really nice so we ran inside, hit  the potty, put our suits on and ran to the beach!!

Victoria made cakes for everyone

Danny was very intent on his creation too!

We stayed an hour and then tried to dry off and get as much sand of as possible before getting into my car.
Gerri had sand everywhere!!!! But she has SO much fun!
We had a quick dinner of leftovers, long tubbies and then bed!

This is what I found when I checked on the girls later :)

Sweet dreams our princesses!


Jodi said...

You guys have such a fun life!

Always out doing things. All I ever do is clean :(

Love the little playhouse thing at DJ's house, its a beautiful back yard.

Princess Olivia said...

I love Maine - went to college there and live about an hour from the border (We live in NH). Can't wait to go to the beach!