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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Oh man!

Here we are all dressed up for court for the readoption.
Unfortunately there was some paperwork issues and we will go back in 2 months :(

After tubs the girls got their hands and toes painted :)

Pink for Victoria and Purple for Gerri

We went back to the pool for a couple of hours. The girls play so well together!

Danny was so excited to see his kindergarten teacher there!
She was watching a kid that Danny used to go to school with.
He was SO excited to see him and wanted to play with him.
BUT, the other child wanted nothing to do with Danny :(
He had a friend he was playing with and told Danny he was busy.
Danny tried a couple of times to swim with both of them and the kid told him to go away and stop following them around! OMG! Our hearts just broke for him, he was SO sad.
He could not understand why his old friend would treat him that way.
His whole demeanor changed and he wanted to go right home.
Both Dan & I  talked to him but it was a no go.
We were so sad.

Then the skies opened up and we headed on home anyway.
I made my chicken fried rice and the kids ate it all down, with popsicles for dessert!
Gerri had a purple one :)


Jodi said...

Oh Man, how sad for Danny!

WHY WHY WHY do kids have to be so mean!?!

Tell him Lindsey will be there soon and is very excited to see him and hang out with him this summer :)

Kylie Mc said...

aww! i deal with these issues with my 2nd graders at school. it just breaks my heart to see a child upset. i always have life lesson talks with my students. :) hope he feels better.