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Sunday, June 27, 2010

Busy time in old town!

Friday morning we met with the adoption lawyer to get our paperwork squared away.
I was close in what I did, but it was not quite right :(
So since I adopted as a married individual we need to actually do 2 cases. The first is a readoption for me, which is basically the state of FL recognizing the foreign adoption. The second is a stepparent adoption for hubby. Since the state of FL will recognize my adoption and I am consenting to the stepparent adoption it should be very cut and dry for the judge. And since we will have a lawyer with us we should go first! The lawyer was very nice adn had adopted a child from Russia many years ago. Since I had done much of the paperwork he was able to only charge us one flat fee for both cases. We will go in next month to sign the papers, they will file an amended petition and we will go to court in August.
Since we were in St Augustine to see the lawyer we decided to go take the city trolley tour with the kids.

Gerri was just fascinated!
Here is the Old Senator - it is a VERY old oak tree - over 200 years old

This street is "old Magnolia" or something - how beautiful

This is a fake coquina wall - made of razor sharp oyster shells!

The fountain of youth!

The kids were listening very intently to the guide!

This cross is supposed to be the second largest steel monument after the golden gates

The old drugstore!

I almost bought this tea, but hubby said I was smart enough :)

We had lunch at the Irish pub and watched world cup soccer!

Victoria and I were right in front of the AC so this was her solution! Man she is just too smart!

After lunch we put the kids in front of us together

The infamous fort!

A replica of the ramparts

The city gates!


On Sunday we got out our wheels!

Gerri rode the jeep all by herself!
She just could NOT get the hang of steering :)

Heading down the street

We have been cleaning and rearranging to get ready for our big summer surprise!!!!!!

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She drives like her mother!

Tell them Auntie said HI!

Love you