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Sunday, June 6, 2010

Another Rainy day :(

It was a rainy cold day :(
Can I say how small 526 sq ft and 5 people gets?!?!?!
The kids played pretty well - mostloy with their zhu zhu pets.
Here Gerri is kissing on daddy :)
(yup - she is standing!)

I LOVE this picture!!! Look at the love in her eyes as she leans in for a kiss!

We hit the mall since Danny's birthday gift cards were buring a hole in his pocket. He bought more accessories for their Zhu Zhu's. We had lunch at Kelly's Roast Beef!!! YUMMY!
They played and played with their hamsters and new pieces.

We talked to Grammy and Grampy and decided to have dinner!!
Chinese was the food of choice!

Gerri was very happy to be with dedushka (grampy)
We all ate way too much, but it was SO good!  Tomorrow is supposed to be sunny! PTL!

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