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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Fl sunshine!

This is what we found on the couch when we woke up :)
She is holding the glow in the dark necklace that Lindsey gave her

Lindsey did each of the girls hair :)

And then they did hers :)

We took her to the big pool!

And they swam and swam

They are SO cute together!

Lindsey chillin out to her music!

When we got home the girls promptly napped :)
Lindsey walked the dogs :)

Danny and Dan got home from camp and Danny ran out to play with the girls on the trampoline!

Our first full day with 4 kids!! Boy it helps have a teenager in the house!!
The kids fight over her :)


Jodi said...

Here they don't fight OVER her...they fight WITH her!

Love all the pictures :)

you can tell her that her DOG/HORSE is in major trouble here at home and that she owes me BIG time for what I had to clean up this morning. (while she's down there sunning herself and having the time of her life!)


Anonymous said...

i agrre ... teenagers rock!!