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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Haircut and another visit!!

The kids corner at the barber

Gerri figuring out the map of the US


The peanut gallery watching Danny get his summer haircut

Back at the laundromat, playing and sporting his summer 'do

Playing while the clothes dry :)

Look who came to visit!!

Meeting of the minds

We went for a walk, Danny showing Grammy which way to go

Looking for crabs

Picking rose hips

Showing Grampy & Grammy how Ipod Touches work :)

Showing Grampy how strong they are

Yes the girls are hiding under here :) They played and played :)

We were going to BBQ, but it got really cold!!
So we packed up and headed to W**dman's for seafood!!
We had great seafood and rousing conversation :)

We had to eat some ice cream after (since it was next door) even though it was cold!
The kids posed with the lobsta outside!
Fun Fun Fun!!!

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Kristin Ferguson said...

Can't believe you guys are wearing jackets up there and we're down here in Zaporozhye sweating our bums off! :) We're going to visit with Nadia in the music room this afternoon because it was pretty hot outside even this morning at 10am. Although it may not be much better in the music room. However, we're really enjoying our time here other than being a little tired! :) Marina asked when Gerri's surgery was going to be--wasn't sure what to tell her.