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Thursday, June 10, 2010


The girls have decided that they need to brush each others hair!

We then drive down to visit Grampy at work. Auntie Denise was working!
Gerri was just fascinated!

Gerri and Victoria played with some empty boxes :)

The glass shop is always a winner!

We had lunch with Auntie and Grammy and then headed to Auntie Carla's to chill out and play. Here they are playing salon

A little WII!! Danny did great!

Uncle is always entertaining!

Playing stinky feet!

Nana came home from her vacation in Scotland and Auntie Denise and hubby and son went to the airport to meet up with our niece Katie in Frankfurt and then onto a great time in London!!!
So it was a busy busy night!!

Daddy had a great time with his army buddies!!!!
I took the kids back to the cottage for bedtime and then daddy came home from a wonderful visit!!

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