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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Happy Bday Sweetie!

Danny went off to help Dan at the boat so the girls and I had girl time!
Time for the princess' lumch

Then we were off to PT!
Victoria helped Gerri play while she was stretched

Then as soon as her back is turned - she takes the toy:)

Gerri did a bit of walking!!!

We really want her to put some weight on her hip socket to help it form correctly.
We LOVE this PT, Ms Sara!!
She keeps commenting on how well Gerri is doing. She actually re-read the PT eval from a month ago cause she could not believe how much motion and flexibility she has gained from our stretching and exercising at home!!! We are so glad that we were passed off from the original PT lady cause this is working out so much better.

Today is hubby's birthday :)
The kids were SO excited about giving him his cards this morning

Dan had to go to the dr as he is starting on some study so I headed off to a different pool with the kids

Even at play we do our exercises!

We went into the big pool as well and the kids all swam, I had Gerri swimming to me several feet from the edge and then turning around to swim back to the side! I threw the rings and they swam to get them.
The whole car ride home she kept telling me "mama, I am tired!"

This is what I found while cooking dinner :)
Can you tell what they are all looking at??

Show stopper :)

Each of the kids made more cards and gifts for Dan while dinner was cooking.
Here Victoria is giving Dan a piece of paper wrapped up in 3 sheets of paper
Happy Birthday honey!!
We love you!

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