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Saturday, June 12, 2010

Party for Casey Dee!

Today was our granddaughter's graduation party!!
The garage was all decked out!

The kids were so excited about the popcorn machine!

Dan and his son DJ watching the video made by Casey's aunt!

A tent was set up and it did rain a bit :(

The camper was used for food set up!

DJ and Danny played a game :)

Taking the kids for a spin :)

Victoria found the trampoline!

Danny had  a great time with our niece's twins

Dan's brother Frank meeting Gerri :)

The kids having a great time on the swing
We had a great time!! Saw lots of family!
Congrats Casey Dee!!
We love you!!!
We had to leave to start the packing since we leave very early tomorrow for our return trip home!!

1 comment:

Kristin Ferguson said...

A Granddaughter graduating? OK, Nancy, what's your anti-aging secret? If you say adoption then we'll all keep getting more and more kids! :) :) :)

Looks like it was fun--even with the rain.