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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Meeting our older sister!!

We started off the day getting new tattoos!

Getting ready for sissy Tracy to come!

Giving her a picture drawn by Danny

Then Gerri and Victoria got in on the picture action :)


Looking at Gerri's picture book!

Daddy gets the grill ready!

Sissy Tracy's baby - Jake!
The kids were LOVING on him!

After eating a wonderful bbq we went inside to get ready for bed

Daddy and Dan talking :)

The whole group!

We love you sissy Tracy!!


Maria and Family said...

i can not believe how much gerri is changing and truly blossoming !! She looks so healthy an happy and she is standing !!! wow...she is amazing :)

Sally-Girl! said...

Are you ever going back home????

Have to agree Gerri looks marvelous and I LOVE that picture of her looking at her daddy on the couch!! Adorable to say the least!!!

Love you for what you did for her life!!