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Monday, June 14, 2010

It was a LONG day!

We left at 5:00 am from Rockport MA. We actually made it through NY with very little traffic.
But man, the traffic was horrible all around Baltimore, DC and Richmond!
We made it to Roanoke Rapids NC and decided to stop. We had hoped to make it further but we had enough and it had been about 12 hours!

We found a great Hilt*n Hotel. Unloaded the kids and some things and went to our room.
We didn't tell the kids, but we picked this one cause it had a POOL!!!!!
Here they are excited about going down to the pool

They played for an hour and a half

Danny found a friend and had a great time!!!!

Since we were wet we ate outside on the patio!
It was so wonderful!!
The kids ate like pigs.

Our key would not let us in the room so the girls tried to open the door themselves!

They had tubbies to wind down!

Our suite was huge!
We watched the Celtics!! woohoo!

Dan watching the girls in the tub and the celtics :)

Sound asleep at 9:00!!

Today will be about 8-9 hours :( Then we will be HOME!!!!!


Kylie Mc said...

i was going to ask how the girls don't fall out of bed while sleeping and then i scrolled to the last just like my little guy! i have to make a pile of pillows on each side of :D

Jane Michaud said... travel bliss! You guys are awesome!!! Safe travels and guardian angels for the balance of your trip.


Amy said...

IN one of the pool pics it looks like Danny is walking on water!

The Adoption Journey of Baby King said...

Did you have water spots on your lens or are those orbs in the pictures while watching the game? I didn't see them in the other pictures.

I love watching your journeys. We are headed out on an RV journey this week.