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Saturday, June 5, 2010

Happy Bday Big Guy!!

Today Danny turned 8!!
He got his wish for breakfast - a donut :)

He opened his big present and promptly got his entourage set up around him!
If you look closely you can see that Gerri is standing beside the bed!!

Here is a closeup of his big present - his Vtech laptop!

Sssshhhhh - don't tell him all the activities are educational!!

We then headed down to Auntie's to swim. It was still pretty cold up here by the ocean, but the weather was beautiful at auntie's! Dan is making the big splash with his cannonball!

Everyone swam and swam as Carla and I ran errands and did some shopping. I got Dan some goodies - clams:

Yum!! (NOT!!)

And Lobster!!!

The kids were fascinated!!

Gerri was NOT impressed!

But she DID try it! (didn't like it)

It then started to rain so we headed inside for a bit. Uncle Mike entertained the girls:

Then the rain stopped so Danny could have his cake!

He got more gifts - this time from Nana - Zhu Zhu's!
Smart Nana bought one for each of the kids!

He also got this habitat for them!!
Everyone was very tired when we left at 8:00.
Danny and Gerri both fell asleep during the ride back :)

What a great day for turning 8!!
Hugs love bug!!


Cindy said...

Happy Birthday Danny!!!!! Looks like he had a greata day!! And Miss Gerri - well what can I say - you go girl - standing up by the bed - that is AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!

The Michauds said...

HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY DANNY -- what an awesome cake! And those lobsters...I'll take Gerri's! LOL

Looks like you are having a FABULOUS time on your vacation. So happy for ALL of you. What a wonderful family you have created! God's Blessings Always!