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Saturday, July 21, 2007

Getting ready! :)

Danny driving the duck in Boston!

We are getting the boat outfitted with a canvas/stainless awning to be able to close off the back of the boat from sun and rain. Tomorrow should be the installation and then measurements will be taken for the screen and canvas.
We are planning on heading out on Monday for a couple of days, maybe down to the keys, maybe not :) We are a little afraid to go too far from our area till we don't have any more boat problems.
Just as we were heading out to the boat today to load up some provisions the phone rang, it was the realtor. She was calling to tell us they were going to show our house in 3 hours!! We had to drop everything to do a mad rush to clean the house! Our realtor just got the front cover of the local homeseeker, so she expects things to be busy this next week. At least the house is clean now!! :)


Natalie C. said...

my fingers are crossed your house will sell

Just another mommy said...

Sending you "sell house fast vibes" too. Have fun on your travels this week.