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Friday, July 27, 2007

Just got back!

This is where we anchored between Keewaydin Island and Little Marco Island. We were here two days. Several houses on Little Marcho Island but they all seemd shut up tight. The dogs liked being near the beach and we walked and swam quite a bit. Unfortunately if the wind did not stay up the no-see-ums would eat you alive!
It is so nice to have a generator and be able to have the ac going at night. We were able to get cbs on the tv intermittantly, but no internet connection.
I brought the new harry potter book and have been reading it whenever the boat is quiet, which is nap and bed time :)

Our manly anchor drill! Pulling up the anchor and ready to go.

This is a view of Marco Island as we pass by.

Here we are leaving Marco Island and this dolphin was jumping our wake, driving the dogs crazy!

This is Lofton Island that we anchored behind for 2 days. It is in the Caloosahatchee River. The weather was really not bad, little bit of rain, but the breeze kept the bugs away. We swam off the boat, dinghied into the empty island to let the dogs run (as well as Danny). We also swam there and Victoria got to feel the sand in her toes and hands, and butt! We dinghied into Ft Myers and walked around, had lunch and enjoyed ourselves. Funny how it takes several days to really unwind and relax.

Stopping in at City of Ft. Myers Marina for an ice cream!!

We got back to the marina by lunch time Thursday and was home by 1:00. The dogs were very happy to be back home!

We do not know when we will be going back out again as Dan has shoulder surgery on Tuesday. Hopefully it will only be 6 weeks before he feels good enough.

ps-no boat problems this time!! (knock on wood)


Natalie C. said...

so glad to hear there were no boat problems...i pray dans surgurey goes well and he makes a speedy recovery

Glenna said...

Hi! Just read your blog from July 8th to present. Loved seeing pictures of Danny and Victoria! Sounds like getting your boat ready has been a challenge! Gerry is up at our boat today checking out a chartere. We head for Canada on the boat on the 19th. Starting to read about Inside Passage to AK for next year's adventure! Happy boating! Hope Dan's surgery is a breeze!