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Thursday, July 5, 2007

Trip Day 3 - travel home

I am ready to clean the bottom of the boat now!

I am ready to steer now! I am 9 months old now!

Yes, I am teething!! and yes this is a DOG treat!! :)
I turn my back for one second!!

We were up at 6:00 and decided to head home today. The weather was beautiful, we could see rain in the distance though. We headed out into the Gulf to go around Ft Myers beach and up to the river and it was a little rough. Danny did not like it much so he laid down and napped. Victoria sat in her bumbo seat and just loved the breeze on her face and going up and down. The ride was completely different once we got into the river and it was nice and calm. Danny got up, put his life jacket on and ran around on deck with maggie. Every time they saw a dolphin they would both scream and yell. Ginger would come running out of the cockpit each time she heard them barking!
Just as we pulled around the corner from the marina the sky got dark and I just knew what was going to happen! Dan pulled in while I manned the lines. It started sprinkling and by the time I had to jump on the dock it was pouring! We learned our lesson from the other day and had maggie tied off before we hit the dock.
We decided to wait out the storm and have lunch and relax.
Dan called the mechanic once in the car and he was not happy to hear that the boat would still not start. Within 20 minutes we got a call from the mechanic who was on board to see what happened.
We went out to dinner at Big Al's where Victoria was a big hit with all the waitresses. She actually "ate" some french fries and some oatmeal cereal with prunes and chicken. Yumm!
While we were eating Dan got a phone call from the mechanic who was done at the boat, he replaced a solenoid and some wires and he said it was running great!
Now THAT is service!!
Needless to say we were all really tired from being outside and were all asleep by 9.

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Natalie C. said...

she ate a french fry?...i am still trying to get caleb to eat solids...i'm jealous...have fun!!!