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Saturday, June 8, 2013

Anyone jealous ?!?!

Just what every family wants to see in their driveway!
Especially on the weekend :(

Yes we have sewer backup :(

Thankfully hubby has a shop vac!

Turns out the pipe just outside the foundation has sunk a good 4-6 inches. The plumber was amazed we have not had a backup in the almost 2 years we have been here.
We are now flushed out so we will not need to use buckets anymore today (the kids thought it was SO much fun!) but it means we need to take apart our front porch and dig up at least the first pipe. A neighbor stopped by with all the excitement to tell us the previous owners had issues ! Argh !!
Luckily it is not raining anymore so the kids are playing outside because the smell in the house is gagging :(

Anyone want to come over?!?!? :)

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csmith said...

Plumbing problems are the worst! We just pumped our septic tank hoping to cure our problems, only to discover that we really need field lines. It will mean thousands of dollars and digging up the entire yard, arghhh!

MoonDog said...

Ew. No thanks. I saw donna zuhone at rmh. Remembered the fun we had when the three of us were there.