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Sunday, July 14, 2013

Must be time for new construction!!

With all the sewer issues we have had we knew we were looking at some major plumbing fixes. We had decided we needed to remodel the kids bathroom since they needed a shower and each time something backed up it came out into their bathroom.
here are the before pics!
cabinets falling apart

cool looking accessible shower, that did not drain and was not waterproofed :(

big ole tub - kids loved it but it held lots of water and it got cold too fast :(

the kids were so excited when the dumpster was dropped off!

old garage doors - wood with NO insulation

New garage doors - WITH insulating value!

everything in place!

found two holes in the floor, from previous toilets, not plugged

bye bye big tub!

I was thinking of planting some flowers :)

the plumbing they found - oye!

yes, that is the garage you can see through the floor!
but yippy for new pipes!! :) and our plumber actually uses glue! :)
we picked out our new tub/shower combo and this week I will pick out the tile :)


Lovella Cushman said...

Based from those pictures, looks like the old bathroom had some serious issues. It's a good thing you decided to remodel it instead and completely replace the pipes. You'll get to save more in the long run instead of doing costly repairs every time something breaks down.

Perfection Plumbing & Drain Cleaning Ltd.

رضا رمضان said...
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