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Monday, September 2, 2013

Summer Vacation is done!! :)

the last 2 weeks of summer vacation the kids went to an acrobatic/gymnastic/dance/crafts camp :)
and it was right near my work.

every day starts with running around :)
Victoria and Danny are a blur!

Gerri hung right in there!
Her circle got smaller, but she kept on!

lots of stretching
 every afternoon they went on a field trip- water park, pool, splash park, library, lots of fun stuff
Danny in the lead walking back from the pool

Victoria and Gerri walking with the owner, Ms Olga :)
They loved camp and they were SO tired at the end of the day! :)

 They were VERY excited when their cousin Nicole went one day with them!!
free time and showing off :)

Nicole was not aware of all the exercise involved :)

We did lots of swimming and playing :)

The girls doing each other's nails :)
 The last day of camp the kids were SO happy: (NOT)
I LOVE this pic :)

They did smile when I asked them too!
Ms Olga had one of her dance students come in with her costume and all made up and the kids were enthralled! they thought it was amazing :)

We have been working on letters, writing, reading, tracing, coloring and puzzles :)
sh, don't tell them it is school work :)
 They are SO very excited that tomorrow is the first day of school!! they have their backpacks ready to go, snacks are packed, first day clothes are hanging up :)
This is the last year they will all be in the same school :( my babies are growing up!!

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