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Sunday, December 29, 2013

Christmas catch-up! and Gerri's Bday!

Christmas Eve we have dinner at Auntie Denise's
we always start with crafts!

Auntie's elf was hogtied !!

Auntie's dog dressed for the holidays!

Nana made a delicious yule log!

adults hanging in the kitchen

kids watching muppets christmas

After eating it was time for presents!

omg! Gigi from Monster High's 13 wishes!

Auntie Denise hand made princess dresses for their american girl dolls!!


They loved them!!!

Wigs from Auntie Carla! love them too!!

Our tree was ready to go! (we color code)

Christmas morning!! each got new sheets, 2 new pj's, 2 new sneaks, a mini ipad and a few toys :) 
 Gerri's birthday is Christmas day, so we sing happy birthday to Jesus in the am and to Gerri after lunch :)
then Gerri opened up a couple of presents from us, she got a pink guitar - just what she wanted!!
they practiced and practiced, loving their music!! :)
The girls modeling their new pjs, wigs and princesses
 Friday night we had a pizza party for Gerri with the rest of the family!
Groovy! 10 years old!

Her birthday cake ready to go!

everyone playing on their electronics!

Gerri opened our special present first thing

a special outfit all the way from Ukraine!!

a flower head-dress from Ukraine!

How beautiful is she!!!

the Birthday princess ready to reign!

hugging Grampy after a great day!
 Gerri was so well behaved, no grumpiness, no acting out for attention, it was great! and a big difference from before. she is finally settling in an growing up :)
It was a great holiday week for all of us! :)
Hope you all had a wonderful holiday!! :) :)

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Sally-Girl! said...

She is darling in that outfit!!! What a beauty!!!