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Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Congrats Graduate!

Danny graduated from Elementary to Middle school!!

got to have cake!

each child got one of these
 on each finger is adjectives about him given by his friends :)

front page of his yearbook :)

his year book page!

a selfie, cause everyone always says they never see me :)
my sweet baby boy!!!

his gutter boat, so proud of it!
Danny is moving on up! He is so excited! :)

Danny is going to be part of a special program, a consortium of schools called LABBB.
He will learn lots of life skills as well as social skills as well as academics. He is very happy that they go swimming, bowling, ice skating, help at the food pantry, shopping, cooking, etc.
He has been able to visit with his new teacher and classmates and is very excited!
We are very relieved that it seems to be a very good fit :)

congrats my love!! you will do awesome!

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