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Friday, January 9, 2015

Trip to Philly!

We had a dr visit so we drove to Philly!
Stella is so regal :)
Gerri was SO happy to figure out that it was Thursday night, which meant therapy dogs at RMH!!

lovin on Abner!

gotta scratch!

what a face!

waitin on dr vB, her feet were hurting so bad the night before that I just had her take her afo's off and sleep in her socks.
good news - she has grown 2 inches since we were here last in August!
better news - even though she has relapses a bit on her feet, he does not serial cast twice in one year so we just had her splints tweaked and she was much happier and we were on the road!!

Heading home!!
she has a miserable cold so I stopped and bought her some medicine :)

See you in 6 months Philly!!!

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