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Sunday, February 22, 2015

an Awesome vacation!!

on our way to the airport at 4 am! :)
 Our flights were uneventful! we landed in Cancun at 2:00 pm
We took a van to the condo we rented in Peurto Aventuras :)
on one of the girl's beds :) a mermaid!!

a flower on our bed

the view from our balcony

yup, I am ready for vacation!

sunrise our first morning

fascinated by all they see!

swimming in the ocean!

swimming in the pool

crab hunting!

Danny thought this was so cool!
(he didn't realize the books are all in Spanish :) )

had an awesome brick oven pizza!

tentacles anyone!?!?

swimming in the hot tub on our balcony

a turtle

a swan

Danny just loved going out in the kayak every day

an elephant

a petal

danny hooked up the boogie board to his kayak so he could pull gerri :)

valentine's dinner out - just us girls!

boys being boys! :)

any takers?!

this is what was happening back at home :) :)

bow tie

a heart

a puppy

our favorite - Caf√© Ole'

loving chasing crabs

yah! crabs!

an alligator

my 24 hours on my back when I was SO sick! :(
still a really nice view :)

the kids sand castle contest
decorated with sea weed and shells

little boy :)

our last lunch in Mexico, savoring every minute
 we swam and played with dolphins our last full day and had a ball!



the ride to the airport at 3 am! :(

chilling out in Dallas, very, very tired!

circling home, lots of snow!

sun was setting just as we were getting ready to land

We had an amazing vacation!! :)
Renting a condo was SO much better than a hotel.
We had 3 separate bedrooms, laundry, cooked our own food and had a maid :)

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