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Monday, July 13, 2015

One month home!

We have been busy getting used to life again. Still have a long way to go, but we are riding the waves!

We had a dr's appt and they had this really cool translator :) actually the in person translator never showed so we were the first to use this online translation service and it worked out great! I actually think it was easier for Reilly than having another stranger IN the small room

Just hanging out and relaxing!

Fourth of July poppers!!

First time with sparklers :)


Reilly loves to paint!

Lots of jewelry making going on!

Playing with her sister's dolls' shoes :)

We let her pick out a jewelry box and she had fun designing

How sweet!

She has one week of summer school under her belt and individual tutoring. She is talking more and understanding much more of what is being said :)

We had our meeting with the middle school and they have agreed to put her in 7th grade!
(Her age puts her in 9th, but luckily they are willing to let her have two years of middle before heading to high school. She only just finished 5th grade in country)

In one month she has gone from not being able to swim to this:

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