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Sunday, August 30, 2015

back to school tomorrow!

tomorrow is a very big day!
one child in third grad
one child in fifth grade
two children in seventh grade!!

we have been getting ready :)
we had a great summer, lots of fun, lots of playing, swimming and many different camps
They did a month of summer school, town summer camp, gymnastics camp, minecraft camp and two weeks of acrobatic rock 'n roll camp. They had a great summer!
Reilly's English has grown by leaps and bounds. She understands a lot more than she will say.
She is able to watch movies and cartoons and understand.
We did a tour of the middle school and she got to see the building, meet her teachers, see the woodworking class, metal working class, sewing room, cooking class, music classrooms, huge auditorium, large cafeteria, huge gym, library and computer lab. she was very impressed :)
She and Danny will get on the bus tomorrow at 7:12 am and they are both a bit nervous! :)
luckily they got to meet a couple of kids during summer camp. They are in different teams (meaning they won't have the same classes or teachers) but are in the same area and will see each other during the day and they will be able to have lunch together.  Danny will be able to help her understand what the food is. My guess is she won't eat much at first until she is comfortable.
(Danny had been in a special middle school program that we have just pulled him out of. We thought it was going to be a really good fit for him, but it turned out that they focused way too much on life skills and way too little on academics. The communication with us was not very good and we both felt Danny would be better served back in the public school system.  He is VERY excited about going to the middle school with his sister and seeing his friends from elementary school!)
But it also means two new kids going to the middle school! But they have been amazing to work with!
the girls got special hair cuts done! :)

I promise to take pics tomorrow before they head off!!

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