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Monday, November 7, 2016


Happy Birthday sweet v!! 10!!

her favorite toy

4th grade rocket launch!

sisters with the same pants :)

goof ball, running around while it was still nice out. she was flipping her hair like crazy.

big sis had to step in to help :)

so beautiful!

pizza for her dinner! and a boot full of root beer :)

her toy husky with her baby brownie!

had to get her eyes checked and dilated!

Danny ordered a two pound taco!!

he was very proud!

v wanted to pretend it was hers!

pretending she ate the whole thing!

all the cousins!!

poop head!

playing with the puppies :)

her first ever lego set!

our skeleton chihuahua :)

new glasses
 we had to drive to philly for a follow up visit for gerri, reilly really wanted to go, her first time :)
the girls had SO much fun!
therapy dog night!! stella and abner :)

so much loving!

a baby to love on! :)

pretending to be dr during our very very long wait!

making her stretch while we wait :)

Happy Halloween!

enough candy?? :)

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