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Wednesday, March 1, 2017

february 2017! snow! and another birthday!!

new years resolution! bought a recumbent bike and both of us use it several times per week.
i like to go in there and watch tv and chill and find the kids gravitate in and I end up not alone :)

big snowstorm!

kids decided they wanted to go sledding!

brownie had a ball!

then another big snowstorm!

photo shoot in the snow! :)

Reilly turns 16!!!! 
dinner - our beautiful girls!

ah yah :)
they are going to kill me !!

sister love!

she was SO mad when we told them it was her birthday!

sharing dessert! yum!

opening more gifts at home

Reilly's big gift was a new cell phone, but to surprise her we waited til 2 days after her birthday and then I hid it in her backpack, bwahahahahahaha

brownie is totally over this snow!!

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