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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

just a bunch of pictures!

Drinking out of her cheapy straw cup. She still prefers the bottle over anything else and when tired will not take anything else.

This is what greeted us while coming down the front stairs - a black racer snake sunning itself on the pavers!!

Danny riding his old radio rider bike while pulling Victoria in the wagon, she just climbs in and sits back to relax.

When you have a runny nose you need to stop whatever you are doing to blow it :)

Victoria pulled Danny's chair up to the bathroom door, climbed up and sat back to watch him taking a shower :)

the kids enjoying watching Blues Clues and snacking :)

Bought some of the healthy whole grain pasta - yuck! Both Dan & I thought it tasted really funky, but the kids both loved it!


Natalie C. said...

How funny that she pulled the chair up, and I love the picture of Victoria blowing her nose.

Katie said...

Victoria has got to be the most relaxed child I have seen :)

KiT said...

Love V's hair! She has so much. Danny is such a good big brother.