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Thursday, March 6, 2008

So busy :)

Victoria likes to help out around the house :) I encourage it as much as possible :)

Victoria must have been wrestling in her sleep with her lovey :)

Danny finally enjoying his jeep after all this time, we have had it for years. I pulled Victoria in the wagon while Danny "drove".

Little miss independent walking up and down the stairs while STANDING!! We have to keep an eye on her all the time or she tries this at home :(

We went to a free outdoor concert of the Gulf Coast Symphony. The kids had a great time!

Victoria dancing to the pops!

The kids meeting other people :)

Been so busy here!

Victoria had some kind of infected blister on her foot when we got home from Jamaica. The ped did not want to mess with it and gave her massive antibiotics and a referral to an orthoped. Luckily it took care of itself before we had to have it surgically removed :(
As soon as she started feeling better she started getting cranky again and we now feel her two upper molars coming in :( We had a couple of very rough nights and last night she only woke up once :)
Unfortunately it really hurts to have the lower molars hitting the swollen gums. She seems to be a bit better today, though the teeth aren't all the way out yet.
We had Danny's IEP meeting at school on Monday and it went really well. Everyone had read his psych report, but the school won't officially recongnize it till the head school psychologist reads it and comments on it :) gotta love bureacracy!
The best part is that Danny was moved up to the riser prek class to get him ready for kindegarten. This class has kids closer to his age and will be so much better for him. We have signed him up for IA Kindegarten, which has about 18 kids and 1 ft teacher and 2 pt teachers. We met one of the IA teachers and she was very nice.
Danny starts private speech and language therapy tomorrow too :)
Things are definately looking up!!
I have been researching used vehicles trying to decide what I really want next. I really do NOT want another minivan, but it looks like I may end up with one if only for the space. I have been checking into SUV's and mini SUV's, but just don't know.
Any recommendations out there?? Good vehicle for less than $15K?


Kim said...

I'm in the same boat with the cars. I drive a sedan now. I'm now down to a Chrsyler Town and Country (minivan) or a Kia Rondo. I love the Rondo, but they just came out last year, so finding a used one will be difficult. I also really liked the Pacifica, but I don't think it's very practical since my stroller won't fit in the back unless the third row is folded down.

Good luck - and I'll be curious to hear what you end up with.

Diana said...

Cute pictures!! Hope little missy gets feeling better. Great news for Danny and school, too.

We didn't want to do the minivan thing, either, but SUV's are too expensive to purchase and to fill up with gas. The feature we like best about our grand caravan is the "stow and go" seating where ALL the seats fold flat into the floor, but even with all of them up, there's still room in the back for "cargo."

Donna said...

Great news for Danny for sure! I hope he continues to like his new school. Miss V is growing so much, so cute! I hope one day we can get the girls together again although now they're both on their feet so we may be in trouble!

take care,

Sarah said...

I am so glad you commented... I lost your blog address somewhere! Look how gorgeous your weather is! And, the kids are getting so big! Look how long Victoria's hair is already! GORGEOUS!!

As for cars... I have the Toyota Highlander and LOVE it... getting ready to sell it though as I need something bigger for my BIG kids and their BIG friends.