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Friday, February 29, 2008

Fav Foto Fri

This is my favorite photo from our trip!
Looks like a real meeting of the minds :)

It has been a very busy week since we got home!
Danny has done great in school all week.
We got his MRI and psych test results too. His MRI was normal (ptl) and his psych test results were not unexpected. It gave us some great insights into some of his behaviors though. She really feels that his impulsiveness and inattention is a result of him not understanding something or not wanting to be wrong. She discovered that when he does not understand something or something is too hard he will avoid dealing with it by acting out. It is actually an incredible survival defense for him. This way he does not fail. He tested very high on anything related to taking care of himself, also a HUGE orphanage behavior. His processing speed is VERY slow, combined with his avoidance technique and it is absolutely no surprise he is so far behind academically. The Psychologist had some really good recommendations for helping him. We gave a copy to the school system and his teacher was very impressed at the results.
We meet with his IEP group on Monday to go over the results, what they are going to do for him now and where we go for Kindegarten.
We are pretty sure we will have another ESE Kindegarten group or private school recommended to us, there is no way he can be mainstreamed yet.
On the opposite extreme Victoria is so far ahead it is amazing! She is saying more words every day, eating table food all the time, hugging and kissing like crazy. She seems to understand us so much all of a sudden. She also said "no" for the first time and uses it frequently :)
It is so painful to compare where she is at 16 months to where Danny was at 20 months when we got him home. We just had no idea :(
Thankfully he has NO idea he is behind at all :) He is such a fun-loving, happy-go-lucky kid!
We are truly blessed in so many ways :) :)
Our house was also shown TWICE while we were away and there is someone else interested in seeing it. Let's hope we get an offer soon :)


Sally- That Girl! said...

I'll say a prayer that your house gets sold and you can put that part behind you. I never like that state of being in unsettled. Glad to hear things are going well with Danny. You guys are such devoted and loving parents!

Natalie C. said...

Prayers are coming my way too. danny always seems so happy in your pictures and that's all that matters.

Kazahn said...

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KiT said...

Great pic. Glad to hear things are getting settled with Danny. It sounds like you got a lot of good info from the testing, and that's what is important.