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Monday, February 25, 2008

Trip Catch up! LONG :)

Sorry I did not keep up the blog while away - we were too busy enjoying ourselves!

On Monday we went out on this!! For an awesome sail and snorkel trip with a stop at Margaritaville. The ladies on board also got wonderful foot massages :) :)

Danny hanging out on the bow of the cataran after our snorkeling trip! Danny was brave enough to get into the water with a life jacket on but wouldn't snorkel. I could hear Victoria crying on the deck of the boat so one fo the deckhands found an infant life jacket and she came in too!! The water was so beautiful and I understand the coral and fish were beutiful!!

Grampy coming out of the big slide!

The chef cooking in front of us at the Japanese specialty restaurant at the resort. The kids were fascinated!

Victoria shoving the veggie tempura in her mouth as fast as she can! She loved it!

Danny loved his food! and even tried the chopsticks!

Danny dancing on the stage!

Grampy giving me rasberries!

I am a little tired and need a little nap :)

We took this boat to the bioluminescent lagoon on Tuesday night. It was a really cool place in the dark. The wake from the boat glowed from all the "bugs" in the water. We stopped and several went in the water to swim. Danny was just fascinated with the glowing water as everyone swam around. He finally went and sat on the ramp and kicked his feet.

On Wednesday - Waiting in the lobby for the vans to take us all to a daylong tour to Mayfield Falls. We get to climb the falls and then have a traditional lunch up in the mountains.

Group shot of all of us at Mayfield Falls!! Much better than doing Dunns River Falls! It took about an hour and a half to get there, 45 minutes of which were on very narrow, windy, bumpy roads!

Sitting in the falls - felt like a massage on our backs and the water was really strong.

Victoria was not too sure about this whole thing

My sisters and I :)

Family photo taken at the end of the very long walk up the falls! the best part is we had to walk back down after!! My thighs ached for DAYS!

Some craft shoppes

A view from the van of the countryside going along at a very high rate of speed :)

Kids walking home from school

Ok Grampy - you can hold me, got any food?? do you know where the kitty is??

Mommy I need some lotion on NOW

This is one of the kitty cats that live at the resort. Victoria was fascinated by them and would chase them whenever possible!

This is where my bil was named Mr. Macho for his awesome dancing skills!!
And to think my niece thought he would lose when she found out it was a dancing contest :)

We had such a great time! On non-tour days we spent the mornings at the beach and the afternoon at the pool! Victoria was back to napping twice a day from all the activity, none of which took place in the room. She absolutely loved the water! She also loved that everyone wanted to play with her and chase her! Danny loves being with everyone too and swam even when his teeth were chattering! There was one little girl at the beach that he played with almost everyday. She was there with her grandparents who spoke little english, but she spoke fluent english. She was really bossy but Danny did everything she told him to :)
Our flight left Jamaica almost an hour late so we had to run in Miami to catch our flight home. Danny slept the whole last leg but not little missy! She did not fall asleep till we got in our truck at 10:00!
We all slept till 7 on Sunday and it was really nice to be home :)
Even with all the laundry :(
Danny is very ready to go back to school :)
Where is my pina colada???


Diana said...

Looks like you all had a WONDERFUL time! I think I could stay there for weeks and still not wonder what to do with myself!!

Natalie C. said...

How fun!!! I am so jealous, though my hubby is taking me on a cruise at the end of April...Miss ya!

Sally- That Girl! said...

So glad you guys are back safe and sound. Kept checking the blog to see you drinking a Pina Colda at the swim up bar! So nice that you are getting the kids to learn how to travel at such an early age!!! We are headed to Hawaii in June wiht the girls far cry from where we were staying last June!!!

Our Family of 5 said...

Looks wonderful! I am envious as the snow keeps piling up outside of my window!

Anonymous said...
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Alleen said...

Awesome trip!!!!! boy, the fast ride picture sure brings back memories of my honeymoon. I didn't think we'd make it without hitting someone on one of those scary curves in the mountains.

KiT said...

Welcome back! Looks like you had a great time. Can I come next time? ;)