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Friday, February 8, 2008

Fav Foto Friday!

You want me to do WHAT????

Hey mom - what is this thing for???? How can I sit on it when there is a hole in it??

We emptied the POD out and found Danny's two potties, so we set them up in the bathrooms so missy can get used to seeing them. Danny was upset that she didn't immediately rip her diaper off and go :)


Laurel said...

Hi Nancy!
Oh, your daughter has gotten so big! She is just precious. I love the photo of her and Danny holding hands! We adopted two more since last time I talked to you! We now have 5 kids between 4 and 7 years old!!! There are pics on our blog
Take care!
Laurel Boylan

Katie said...

Hope you have better luck than me and she catches on fast !!

KiT said...

Cute! We still have our little potty out so I am hoping our little one will just "get it" eventually!