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Sunday, February 17, 2008

Be Happy Mon!

Hey Mon!! This is us from sunny Jamaica!!! Please ignore the white pasty woman waving hello :) you would think I would have a tan living in FL!! This was taken today at the swim up bar at our hotel. We are here all week, along with my dad and his wife and my sisters and their families!! This is the first year for miss victoria and everyone is spoiling her rotten!!

the view from our room :)

Seeing Grampy again :) they are swimming buddies :)

Dan, Victoria and Nicole. She LOVED the water, both the ocean and the pool.

Victoria napping on me at the beach while all the kids played and the music was booming behind us for the sand aerobics :)

Grammy helping Danny get a chair next to Nicole, they played together forever!

a scuba training class at the hotel - looks like fun! The kids were just fascinated.

My dad and hubby walking with missy to the pool after lunch today :)


Diana said...

Oh, how would it be!! I still have a foot of snow on my lawn!! Enjoy your vacation. It looks marvelous!!

Alleen said...

Well, I'm jealous!!!!!! We honeymooned in Jamaica.

Natalie C. said...

i'm jealous...i love jamacia! have fun!

Our Family of 5 said...

I am sooo envious! Looks like blast!!

Sally- That Girl! said...

Never have been, looks fabulous!!! Have a great time!


Wow, you lead a really tough life. I am soooo jealous! Chris and I took a cruise with a stop in Jamaica 5 years ago and loved it. We are hoping to go back sometime.

Have a great time and tell Danny that Garrett sends a big giggle and run his way!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, we're having a nasty snow storm here. Hope you are enjoying the warm sunshine.


JuJu - said...

have a blast MOn:)

Katie said...

That looks FUN !!!

Anonymous said...
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