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Thursday, September 3, 2009

So Proud!!

Danny brought this home today:

It is the 4 of us made out of dough and each one has eyes, nose, mouth and arms :) :)

He has so many fun after school activities!!
Monday is Lego Robotics-learning to build and race lego robotics
Tuesday is Fun With Music-learning to make instruments and sing & act out songs
Wednesday is Karate-continuation of last year
Thursday is Kids Club - they do arts and crafts and cooking

He is so tired by dinner that he eats very quietly :) :)
He is loving having his sister at school! It is so darn cute :)

He is still having his Neuro training classes three times per week and we have noticed a huge jump in his abilities! His trainer was so excited to tell us that he is now able to do jumping jacks and hopscotch!!
His teachers have told us many times how much of a change they have noticed in him in class. He is able to focus and he is learning so much.
We have also noticed that his behaviour has gotten much better as well, so we are thinking he has progressed from 3 to about 5 years old. His concentration and focus has grown exponentially. We notice that he is not getting as frustrated as well.

Victoria is still fighting her cold. She is really enjoying school. I spend time with her group at drop off and pick up and they are all so darn cute :)

On Wednesday's I am the computer mom for Danny's class. I ended up being at school all day. His class is broken into 2 groups for the computer time and man is it hard to keep them all focused on what they are supposed to be. Luckily I know half of them pretty well from Danny's class last year so that really helps. It is also hot in the computer room so I was sweating. By the time I finished getting both groups done and cleaning up the room I was exhausted! I haven't worked this hard in a very long time :)

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Natalie C. said...

I am so glad to hear how well Danny is doing