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Sunday, May 19, 2013

busy weekend!

Our checkup in Philly went well, no surprises - which is always a good thing!
I got to meet two of my families, which is always the BEST part!
 We go back in 6 months. Gerri was very excited to tell dr vB that she would see him when she was in 3rd grade :)
Friday was a very long day of travel.
We left Philly at 11:00 and did not get home till 7:30! second longest travel time ever :(
We hit traffic everywhere! it usually takes about 6 hours.
We got home in time to shove pizza down in our mouths and have dessert and spend some time with family while celebrating sweet Nicole's birthday!!

Saturday we were up early to stack wood!!
hubby getting everything ready for us :)

it was a family affair and it took 2 hours to stack 2 cords!!
 we celebrated by going out for chinese food for lunch :)
who doesn't love to draw on the driveway with chalk?

Lots of swinging and hanging around!!

had to swim as well!!

I love how well our kids play together! :)

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