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Sunday, May 5, 2013

workshop and diy project :)

for the first time since November Gerri is back to riding the regular bus with Danny and Victoria - and they were all So excited!
Saturday Danny was helping with the Cat Connection yard sale so we went to our favorite place to return some stuff and found it was kids workshop day :)
The girls loved it!!

and were SO proud of their plant holders
and we had to buy plants :)
 Then I saw this and we just HAD to have it:)
yes, a one hour swing set kit :) just had to buy the wood!

we picked out a spot and got to work

once we had it all lined up it came together pretty well, no yelling :)

finishing touches!!
 while we were busy with the swing set, the girls colored their workshop projects and were so sweet and  made us sandwiches :)
I hung them up and the girls were SO excited!!

Finally!! :)
 Danny came home around dinner time and was SO surprised!!!

Grampy watching over them!

 Today we went to Auntie's and then to the Reading high school's play :)

the kids were very excited about sitting by themselves!!

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