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Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Philly bound!

One of "my" families moved to NJ so we were finally able to hook up for a visit!!!!
so so precious!! Alec yYoung is beautiful! :)
 Gerri was so excited to meet one of my families and to play!!

got love babies! :)
 We were able to stay at RMH - Camden, we had the rainbow room!

 Our first visit in over 3 months and we were amazed to find out that Gerri has grown over 3 inches and gained over 5 pounds since December!!  that is amazing!!!
Needless to say we have some casting to do. I opted to get it over with now while she is out of school. Even though it means no swimming for the next 4-6 weeks I just felt we had to do it now since she was falling down quite a bit. And it is really bad for her head to be in school and in a wheelchair, she suddenly becomes helpless and a diva. so for many reasons we will be traveling to Philly on and off for july and august.

she quickly figured out how to get around again!
hanging out in our room, hurting a bit :(
We ended up staying the weekend so she could recast on Monday.
Her July 4th colors!!
We did not get out on Monday till 6 pm! it was a long drive home! :(

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