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Monday, July 21, 2014

RR Reunion!!

we drove 1,100 miles and through 9 states to get there! and it was SO worth it!!!
we stopped in Philly to get Gerri's cast off!
(playing Miss Mary Mack while we wait!)

yah!! afo on and ready to go!


in the pool cooling off!
 I met SO many of my families and children! it was AMAZING!
Lindsey Newman! :)

Emily Smith!

(they had to watch cartoons in the Ranger station since they did not know who he was :) )

meeting the infamous Reece!!!! (of Reece's Rainbow!)

chillin out in the cabin after two full days of travel!
Gerri holding "Super Lu" since Lucille could not be here in body! :)

Kelley Robinson!

Jennifer Hutson!!

Watching a bit of tv :)

Playing between cabins with the Weilhower's!

a little minecraft in the am while I do work on my laptop!

nighttime was get together time, lots of firefly catching and s'mores!

Carey Doyle!

Julia Nalle stealing "my baby" :)

Janice Rowe!
Carla Dobrovits and I tasting some amazing wine! :)

Some of the most amazing people I know!!
Andrea Roberts, Debbie Price-Hannon, Super Lu, me and Michelle Zoromski

Amy Hinz!

Amanda Holmes!

Claire Gremling!

a little arts and crafts each am :)
a little chocolate arm wrestling!

meeting Boo boo!

Bianca Montelaro-Olivier

playing with friends!

Super Lu drinking!

one of our get-togthers ;)

morning minecraft time :)

getting together for the big reunion photo!!
I was so choked up seeing all these amazing kids and families!!

loving crafts!

Renee Joy!

Heather Crites!

Danny loving on his new buddy!! :)

Hay ride!!

Faith Jobes!

Andrea and I with an incredible family of kids!!

Gerri and EG talking about AFO's and favorite colors! :)

Ipads are always favorites!
Hi all!!!

missing our dogs at home!

Cindy Bear came by too!

time for more crafts! they each spent their own money to buy a keepsake

Aaron was having so much fun!

Summer Spitz!

Victoria and two of her buddies!

Jennifer Jill Araya!

Rebecca Adams!

Carla Dobrovits and her sweet baby!!

Boo boo showing up at one of our parties!

an arranged marriage is in the works! :)

our cabin was so cool!! the girls slept in the bunk beds

danny slept in the loft and I was in the bedroom
 we left after an amazing week! the kids had a great time, made lots of friends and got to see some of my "work" for the past 4 years. we are all SO very blessed to have families that understand what our lives are like and able to support each other! :)
we stopped in MD on our way back home! the kids could not wait to swim after 9 hours in the car!
 We stopped at the airport in Philly to pick up Dan who flew in! :) we were all SO excited to meet up after a week apart!! We headed to shriners so Gerri could get her cast back on.
we got the crayon room at the rmh in Camden :)

the kids playing in the play room before bed!

Dan, Danny and Victoria flew back home on Saturday :(
Gerri and I stayed so she could recast on Monday.

absolutely exhausted! :) :)
Going to the reunion was just amazing and we will definitely go again every year!

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