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Sunday, September 27, 2015

First time at the beach! Braces! Fun in art! and A new addition!!

Reilly went to the beach for the first time!!

the water was cold!

we were chasing hermit crabs!! :)

Danny before!

Danny after!

Gerri before!
(you can see how misaligned her jaws are from her arthrogryposis)

they had to put a palate expander in to spread her upper jaw to try to line her jaws up

i thought it was so cool to see the braces lined up ready to go in!

Gerri after!
(no wire on the top since we are expanding her palate for 3 weeks)

We have an awesome recs department here in our town
The kids are signed up for Ceramics, Fun with Art and Pizza Paint night :)
Victoria was so excited to see the blank canvas'

Victoria's first real picture!

Gerri's first real picture!
 Danny and Reilly had a Pizza and paint night, JUST for teenagers!
They were SO excited!!
Reilly adding her initials ;)

They were SO proud and had SO much fun!!
We were amazed how great they did!

Victoria and Gerri had their next art class and it was watercolors!! :)
Next week is clay!
We added another orphan to our family! :)
How cute is she!!! :) she was SO quiet, no barking,
she was just sitting there wagging her tail!

she is a 4 year old chihuahua/corgi mix
she was abandonded in CA and flown to MA just the week before we went to the shelter

first ride in my car to go to work! :)

she worked very hard! :)

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