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Monday, November 2, 2015

October catchup! :)

 we have been so busy! Birthday!IEP meetings! Testings! homework! Surgery! Halloween! :)
Ms V's birthday cake done by nana! :)

getting ready for the family party :)

happy bday ms v!!

a little excited!

all dressed up in a new outfit from auntie!

Reilly helping me make victoria's bday cake for our dinner

danny made a happy birthday sign for her!
(and spelled it correctly!)

we had dinner at wegman's :) she picked this balloon!

the cake I made :)

lots of candles! )

reilly loves to do our nails! :)

victoria loving on browny! :) 

nope, not spoiled at all! 

Dan ready for his total knee replacement

Browny missing her daddy - I told her to smile :)

his get well cards made by the kids!

looking really good!

up and walking after  a day!

Danny and Reilly had archery!

Victoria wanting to stay and sleep with Dan
She missed him so much!

nana helped make lots of dinners and desserts :)
thank heavens for family!!

silly silly kids!

I told danny I was saving this video for when he has a girlfriend! )
they were being silly
we were all a bit stressed that Dan was still in the hospital and needed some comic relief

finally on his way home!!!!
(he ended up staying in the hospital almost a week as his blood counts dropped and they would not release him home)

so happy to be home!!

we had to add this to get approval to bring him home

the kids had a bake em and take em class with the town rec center
they did all sorts of halloween goodies!

my halloween nails!

Reilly loves Browny! :)

Mummy dogs! :)

got the staples out! looks good! :)

so happy to be back in her daddy's lap!

practicing their halloween makeup!

we had a halloween party at Wegman's
(we LOVE this store!!)

the kids got to trick or treat through out the whole store!

what a crack up!

gotta love the ukrainian in her, she HAS to sweep :)

made him go out in the sunshine!

real halloween night!
They all loved it!
Reilly thought it was amazing!
holding hands as they trick or treat
we all decided this was our favorite house!




 we will have halloween candy for a long time!

our halloween cake - thanks nana!

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