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Monday, November 30, 2015

First Thanksgiving ;)

The kids have been so excited about the holiday!
they did another bake 'em and take 'em class
teepee, fried dough, apple tart, cupcake, acorns and gingerbread pop

Reilly LOVES to take pics of Browny - here she is in her room :)
 we introduced Reilly to writing letters to Santa :)
 she jumped right in :)
don't tell Danny, but this is ot :)

 victoria had her first violin recital! :)

Reilly did my nails for the holiday!

 Reilly did my hair! :)

 Reilly and Danny did Turkey's for the table!

Reilly LOVES to hear about the holidays, what are we doing, who will be here, what do we eat.
She asks for days over and over. 
She loves to have everyone over :)

we had 18 for thanksgiving!

one turkey in the oven!

one turkey in the fryer!

Reilly gave us a card!

how amazing is this!! 5 months home!

Reilly has been just an amazing daughter!
She KNOWS what she has now :)

time to do crafts with cousins!

kids table :)

after dinner, Auntie Denise made the kids all go for a walk before dessert :)

Desserts! :) best part of the meal!

Victoria and Browny were the first ones back! :)

day after we had a huge pack of wild turkeys cross the road!
they were SO happy thanksgiving was over :)

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