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Tuesday, May 31, 2016

May 2016!

Reilly finally wanted her hair trimmed! :)

we had our bathroom redone (we had a leak - turns out the original shower did NOT have a shower pan!)

gerri on one of our many many many philly trips!
(we have to go down every two weeks while she has the fixator on)

mother's day we all went on a walk at the Mount Auburn Cemetary

some amazing sights!

beautiful dog, someone put a stick in his paws :)

stone for the founder of Angell animal hospital


thought this was cool!

peeking in windows

starting raining, so uncle mike offered to help gerri get out of the rain

auntie and family

auntie and family with nana

nana and the kiddos

nana and her girls

we opened the pool! pretty isn't it?!

my sweet mothers day cards!

two days later!!

the kids were dying to go in!

victoria rescued a baby chipmunk that was stuck in the skimmer

she stayed with it until it was steady and ready to go

brownie found her cool spot!

victoria doing my nails for mothers day!
(lots of glitter involved!)

So excited to have a new table that is bigger!!

I love it!!
can you feel the love?!
5th grade end of year concert!

gerri was nervous

concentrating!! :)

3rd grade recorder concert!!
(jealous?!?! )

victoria is in the middle in the red white and blue shirt

then it was time for the violin concert!!
(really jealous now?! )

so much fun!

finally swimming!!

time for birthdays!
we celebrated Danny, Nicole and Adam's birthdays

had to swim!

Nana made Danny ant cupcakes!! he LOVED them!

wow!! he is 14!!! :)

we celebrated Reilly being home for 1 year!! we bought her a pink guitar, she loves it!

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