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Friday, July 1, 2016

June 2016!

victoria and I had a mother daugher book club - the kids made Glog
(we had read the book rump)

then they had to make golden crowns
 BIG BIG day!! Danny turned 14!
birthday boy!


since he is 14, he can camp outside by himself!
(in the front yard)

he got everything ready all by himself!

he set up a separate tent for the girls - but the only one who would go was Gerri :)
they had fun, but were both really tired the next day :)
 Then it was time for Gerri's graduation ceremony! good bye elementary school!!

she got a yearbook and everyone signed :)
she is SO nervous about middle school!

pool is open and the kids swim all the time!

reilly discovered the pool noodles help you float

Last day of school!!
 So glad school is over! the last month was a tough one, Danny and Reilly had a LOT of homework, it was crazy. They were both over it all. Reilly did amazing! She and Danny both got all A's and B's!
we were so proud of them! on to 8th grade!

Gerri and I travel every other week to Philly to see THE AMC doc, we finally finished turns on her fixtator!
Her left leg is a bit longer than her left now, but he figures she has about a year of growth left so they should come pretty close!

victoria loves her selfies!!

she had a birthday party at a trampoline park

she loved it!

good friends!
 Gerri, Danny and Reilly went to middle school parks camp and Victoria went to acrobatics camp
first day after acrobatics camp! she fell asleep in the car :)

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