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Wednesday, August 3, 2016

July 2016!

our garden is finally producing!!

the kids have really been into friendship bracelets!

lots of bracelets going on!

some roller blading!

now that gerri's legs are straighter she can roller skate!
luckily she has a big brother to help!

4th of july picnic while waiting on the parade

fire trucks!


Patriots cheerleaders!



very scary mickey mouse! :)

bat mobile!

our 4th of july beauties!!

time for smore's
she loved to toast the marshmallows!

want one?!

sunset while waiting on the fireworks

the kids had time to kill so they ran all over the playground!

why do I have to stay in here?!?

reilly LOVES brownie! :)

the sky is so beautiful

my favorite pic! reilly an d I <3 td="">

all lined up for the fireworks!

visting dan in the hospital! he had appendicitis!
they decided NOT to take it out, so he was sent home on heavy duty anitbiotics

discovering you can flip your hair and make the water fly!

picking up her big sister

just hanging out!

just chillin

reilly is under the raft, with her head, arms and legs sticking through the holes!

July was busy with all the kids doing summer school and different camps
The kids all tried a new camp at a local high school, it is a tech/trade school and had lots of really neat programs.
I will do a separate blog post as I have lots of pics of what the kids did!

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