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Friday, May 9, 2008

Day 4 of our Grand Adventure!

Up at 6:30 and off anchor by 7:30. Very cloudy and overcast day :(

Proof that the Captain does change diapers :) :O

Victoria chasing the love bugs. She could not figure out why she could not touch them - they were on the outside of the windows :) She kept leaning up to the glass and kissing them! totally freaking Danny out.

Huge fires over by Cape Canaveral! We pulled into Titusville to load up on diesel fuel :O. While fueling up, the kids and I hit the store. Danny had a really good ice cream while Victoria munched on cheez its. It has gotten really hot but luckily still breezy!

The Haulover Canal that connects the Indian River to Mosquito Lagoon. We had to travel really slow and there were lots of people fishing everywhere. I guess Friday's are a popular day off around here :) Mosquito Lagoon brought back lots of memories from our travel down on our sailboat. We hit bottom the whole way through back then!

This is a dredge we had to go around by New Smyrna Beach. The going was really slow and the waterway pretty shallow. We had been following a much larger motorboat till he missed a turn and went aground :( He then followed us for a while :)

Poor guy still does not feel well, he napped again today :(

the Kids were fascinated by Dan's impression of a turkey!

We anchored off Daytona Beach and relaxed! Pulled pork sandwhiches for dinner along with Dora! Nice showers again, popcorn and caillou in Danny's room and all asleep by 8:30!
We traveled 85 statute miles in 9 hours. We traveled from Eau Gallie to Daytona Beach.


Alleen said...

oh man..... you're in my old haunting grounds.... I grew up in Merritt Island.

Gabriella sure would not have been kissing the lovebugs. She is totally and completely freaked out by bugs and it's getting worse every week. A lovebug got in the car the other day and she shrieked so loud it scared me to death.

Ginger--Maya's mommy said...

Looks like soooo much fun!!!

Anonymous said...

I just read about your Adventure, from day 1 to St.Augustine,and know that you've reached your destination. Hurray !
Enjoyed the pix, especially
of Danny (wearing traffic cop gloves ?)directing you.
Love from Grammy G.
p.s. to Alleen:I like your
daughter's name!